Algorithms and Complexity

Working Group of Prof. Susanne Albers (2001 - 2009)

Past members of staff

Susanne Albers

Albers, Prof. Dr. Susanne

Markus Büttner

Büttner, Dr. Markus

Marion  Danieau

Danieau, Marion

Stefan Eilts

Eilts, Dr. Stefan

Gereon Frahling

Frahling, Dr. Gereon

Hiroshi Fujiwara

Fujiwara, Dr. Hiroshi

Gero Greiner

Greiner, Dr. Gero

Christian Gunia

Gunia, Dr. Christian

Tobias Jacobs

Jacobs, Dr. Tobias

Sonja Lauer

Lauer, Sonja

Tim Nonner

Nonner, Dr. Tim

Fabian Schiller

Schiller, Fabian

Swen Schmelzer

Schmelzer, Swen

Markus Schmidt

Schmidt, Dr. Markus

Sylva Scholz

Scholz, Sylva

Birgit Stadel

Stadel, Birgit

Marianne Wagner

Wagner, Marianne

Guochuan Zhang

Zhang, Prof. Dr. Guochuan

Rob van Stee

van Stee, PD Dr. Rob